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The Best 10 things to do in Edo Kawagoe Japan



Kawagoe City is called Little Edo because the cityscape and culture of the Edo period still remains there today. The Toki no Kane marks the passage of time in Kawagoe from the Edo period (1603-1868), the Kitain Temple that is the only thing remaining from the Edo Castle, the Kawagoe Festival that has a history of over 370 years, and the streets, food, and culture are all things that you can only experience in Kawagoe. It is also easy to access from Tokyo since it is only 30 minutes from Ikebukuro Station and 50 minutes from Shinjuku Station.




Feel nostalgic atmosphere of ancient Edo-era in Kawagoe with this beautiful 360-degree video!



Listen to the sound of Edo with the Kawagoe Toki no Kane (Time bell Tower)


Experience the Edo Castle through the Kawagoe Daishi Kita-in Temple


Stroll Around Kawagoe in Japanese Kimono


Eat sweet potato desserts while walking around Kawagoe


In Kawagoe, you can eat eel at a famous store that was established in the Edo period


Enjoy Japanese Food and a Japanese-style Garden at Kawagoe's Ryotei Yamaya


Experience the Japanese orchestra in the Kawagoe Festival


Kawagoe’s Soy Sauce Warehouse,
“Matsumoto Soy Sauce”, has the taste of Edo


Walk Around Kawagoe at Night ~Coedo Beer and Sumurai Patrol~


Feel the Edo spring with cherry blossoms in Kawagoe