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About Copyright and Links


[About copyright]

The copyrights of articles, photos, drawings, and other data on the website of Saitama Prefecture belong to the Government of Saitama Prefecture, the Saitama Prefecture Products & Tourism Association, or their information providers.
Any of them may not be reproduced or quoted in other media without permission or approval of the Government of Saitama Prefecture, except reproduction for private use, or quotation permitted by the Copyright Act.

[About the reproduction of website information]

When reproducing information or images on this website, be sure to obtain approval from Saitama Prefecture Tourism Division.
 Where to contact: Tourism & Product Promotion Section, Tourism Division of Saitama Prefecture Department of Industry and Labor
Note in advance that reproduction may not be permitted of some images may not be permitted due to copyrights.

[About links]

1. You are basically free to set a link to Chocotabi-Saitama.
However, you need to state clearly that the link is to this page. Do not set the link within a frame as if it was a part of your own page.
2. Note in advance that individual pages on the website of the Government of Saitama Prefecture are subject to change or deletion without prior notice.
3. Mutual links are limited to the national, prefectural, and municipal governments, and public organizations, with Saitama Prefecture.
4. When using a banner, download an arbitrary one from the three below.
An alternative text for a banner image shall be "Link to Chocotabi-Saitama, the official website of Tourism in Saitama Prefecture."