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Ishiisyuzo Co., Ltd.

Ishiisyuzo Co., Ltd. photo

Ishiisyuzo Co., Ltd.


Since established in 1840, and now 8 generations later, this brewery is well known by the people in the region. Their traditional way of making sake all by hand, and at the same time fresh approach by their brewer and master brewer, the youngest pair in the industry, are gathering more and more attention. They visualize the taste of sake with using graphs, and adopt anime characters for the labels of their products; all the marketing, promotional activities, and designing are conducted by the members of young generations.


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TEL 0480-42-1120
Address 2-6-11, Minami, Satte City
Access 13 minutes’ walk Satte Station on Tobu Nikko Line
Parking Available for 15 cars (Reservation required. Large vehicles ok.)
Closed Closed:Sundays, Mondays, irregular holidays


(How to book your visit)
Contact by phone
Hours 10:00~16:00 (except November to February)
Capacity 10 people
Time required 60 minutes


information around the area

Gongendo Tsutsumi

phone Satte City Tourism Association 0480-43-1111

Around 1000 trees of cherry blossoms bloom from late March to early April, and they create a 1km long tunnel of cherry blossoms. Around the cherry blossoms, canola flowers are planted all around, and the contrast between the pink cherry blossoms and yellow canola flowers are breathtaking.
887-3 Oaza Uchigouma, Satte City
35 minutes’ walk from Satte Station on the Tobu Nikko Line Or Take the Asahi Bus bound for “Gokamachiyakuba” to Gongendo Stop
Gongendo Tsutsumi1