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 The fascinating Shibazakura Festival 2019


The Shibazakura season has come again this year. Visitors can enjoy the colorful flower carpet that spreads in the background of Mt. Buko, the symbol of Chichibu. You can also shop for Chichibu specialty products and gourmet foods during the Shibazakura Festival period. Let’s meet in Chichibu!


【Event Information】
Monkey turning by the Nikko Monkey Corps
(April 20, 21, April 28 - May 5 Venue / Shibazakura Hill)
 Chichibu Infiorata Flower Petal Carpet show
(May 1 - 6 Venue / Chichibu Shrine)










 Admission Fee


(Chirdren under 15 years old are free)


Fri.12  AprーMon.6 May

 Best Time Around mid of AprーAround early May
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Public transport

Seibu Chichibu Line/Chichibu Railway

Yokoze St,Seibu Chichibu St,Ohanabatake St

20 min on foot