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Educational Tours Overview

1. Educational Tours Overview

Saitama Prefecture is just to the north of Tokyo. It has a tremendous number of schools offering various programs in addition to the traditional curriculum, including information technology, agriculture, and music. It also has factories owned by a variety of companies, from major companies down to small and medium sized enterprises possessing unique technology, and it is possible to tour these factories. Using expressways, it is also possible to easily visit Gunma Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, and Chiba Prefecture. Since 2016, private residents in the Chichibu area have been able to accept temporary lodgers. Come and experience an educational tour only possible in this truly distinct part of Japan, Saitama Prefecture.

2. Educational Tour Acceptance Record

The following is a record of educational tours conducted for international visitors from 2012 to 2016. The number of tours has risen every year, with 896 people from 21 different schools accepted last year (2015).

Year Schools accepted People accepted
2012 2 128
2013 15 634
2014 16 638
2015 21 896
2016 7 280

*Figures for 2016 are current as of November 2016.
Please contact us if you require detailed information such as school names.

3. Example Educational Tour Schedule

This is a model route for schools wishing to conduct an educational tour of Saitama Prefecture. Saitama Prefecture has many locations for experiencing nature, history and culture, and it is possible to enjoy a variety of locations throughout the year. Come and visit Saitama in every season of the year.
Itinerary PDF is attached

4. Contact Information

Saitama Prefecture, Department of Industry and Labor, Tourism Division, Inbound Tourism Section
TEL: 048-830-3953
FAX: 048-830-4819

5. Miscellaneous Information

Reference Material Collection pasted n PDF
(“Schools available for inter-school exchange”, “Accommodation facilities”, “Factories available for tours”, “Model routes with other prefectures”)