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<Spring  March to May>


In Saitama prefecture, there are varieties of flowers blooming in four seasons throughout the year.

Also, the scenery created by the rich nature is a worth visiting place once in a life time if you take a trip to Japan.

Here, we will introduce beautiful scenery in Saitama prefecture.



                    gongendotsutsumi1  Gongendo Tsutsumi


                    minumatanbo1  Minuma tambo is about 20 km! Cherry blossoms everywhere


                    tokorozawasakura1  Cherry blossom rows along the river that spans 5.4 km in Tokorozawa


                    higashimatsuyamatreepeony1  Let’s go see the luxurious and elegant flower, tree peony


                    cherryblossom_shiki  Cherry Blossom Festival in Shiki


                    greencherryblossoms  Green cherry blossoms: Is it blooming? Is it not blooming?


                    nagatorospring1  Nagatoro Cherry Blossom are the color of spring


                    wisteria1  The Wisteria of Ushijima


                    irohawaterpark.  Rows of Sakura at Iroha Water Park


                    gongendopark_top  Cherry Blossom at Gongendo Park



 -Beautiful Scenery of other seasons-


Summer <June to August>

Autumn <September to November>

Winter <December to February>