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The autumn leaves of Kawagoe Kita-in

~ Edo Castle’s Momiji-yama Garden 


Kita-in is a treasure house of cultural properties from the Edo period.
“Momiji-yama Garden” was made to mimic the Momiji-yama on the large grounds of the Edo Castle.
When the autumn leaves change in the garden, it is very beautiful and is therefore worth seeing.
Most of the Kita-in was burned down due to a fire that happened in 1638.
So Tokugawa Iemitsu (third son of the Tokugawas) transferred parts of the Edo Castle to the Kita-in, which included the main hall, the reception hall, and the writing alcove.
It eventually escapes the destruction of the Great Fire of Edo, making Kita-in's part of the original Edo Castle the only place remaining.
Besides this, there are 538 Buddha statues, called “Gohyaku Rakan”, on the premises.
As the autumn sunlight dances on the statues, visitors become fascinated by the various facial expressions. 










AdmissionFee < Prayer course>
Adults (over high school age) ¥400 / Elementary or middle school student: ¥200
Closed · 12/25 ~ 1/8
· 2/2 and 3
· 4/2 ~ 5
· Late April/Early May/Day before and after the Treasure Special Exhibition Dates
· 8/16
※ In addition, worship may be stopped on certain days for temple events.
Address 1-20-1 Kosenba-machi,Kawagoe-shi

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Public Transport
From Kawagoe Station on the JR line or Tobu Tojo Line, or Hon-Kawagoe Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, take the CO-EDO Loop Bus and get off at "Kita-in"
15 minutes from Kawagoe IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway

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