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Updated:March 26, 2018


Governor's Profile

Governor of Saitama Prefecture Kiyoshi Ueda

Date of  Birth

May 15th 1948 Born in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Academic History

  • March 1967 Graduated Fukuoka Miike Senior High School
  • March 1971 Graduated Housei University School of Law, Law Dept.
  • March 1975 Completed Political Science research course at Waseda University Graduate School

Major Employment History

  • 1976, Active role in the foundation and development of the Neo Liberal Group
  • 1979 - 1986, Part-time lecturer at the Ministry of Construction’s University of Construction, “Regional Sociology”, and “National Land Planning” departments.
  • Starting in 1980 ran for a seat in the House of Representatives. Was unsuccessful 4 times, but with determination and persistence, he was elected on the 5th attempt.
  • July, 1993, Elected for the first time to the House of Representatives
  • October, 1996, Elected for a second term in the House of Representatives
  • June, 2000, Elected for a third term in the House of Representatives
  • September, 2003, Elected as the 57th Governor of Saitama Prefecture
  • August, 2007, Re-elected as Governor of Saitama Prefecture
  • October, 2009, Appointed to be a member of the Local Sovereignty Strategy Council by the Prime Minister
  • August, 2011, Re-elected for a third term as Governor of Saitama Prefecture
  • August, 2015, Re-elected for a fourth term as Governor of Saitama Prefecture

Work published

“Law: The Bread and Butter of Bureaucrats”. (O.S Publishing)


Open-minded and honest, Passionate


Reading(Particularly about civilization and history), Mountain climbing, Fishing, Photography

Food: Being surrounded by friends and family eating Saitama vegetables and pork, in line with his belief in local production and local consumption of food.

Home life: Walking his dog, Goro.

Personal motto

“The strong are revealed in times of adversity”, (Literally, the wind reveals the strongest grass)

Related publications

  • "This is the Ueda way, Prefectural Administration Reform" (これが上田流 県政改革だ), by Eiken Itagaki, published by Nisshin Hodo, May, 2007
  • "Ueda Kiyoshi, Passion-conveying Governor" (熱伝導知事 上田清司), by Oshita Eiji, published by Saitama Shimbun, June, 2007